How live voting with Polyas works

For a few months now, POLYAS customers have had the option of using our live voting platform. It enables institutions to vote seamlessly and quickly at their AGM. This kind of voting procedure can benefit many different organizations. But how exactly does live voting work?

The advantages of live voting

Until now, online elections with POLYAS typically took place over several days, or indeed, weeks. However, elections that were designed to be a one-day affair, or where resolutions need to be passed within a single day, standard online elections are an inferior solution to a live voting platform. At least once a year shareholders meet to vote on important company decisions. Live voting makes it possible to have a fast and uncomplicated vote. Even shareholders not attending the general meeting can participate in the vote. In addition, the democratic basis of the company is strengthened.

At least once a year shareholders, members or representatives meet to vote on important decisions, from electing their next board of directors to voting on a key bylaw change. Live voting makes it possible to have fast and uncomplicated elections. Even members not attending the general meeting can participate in the vote. In addition, the democratic foundation on which many companies, union, cooperatives, and institutions are built are strengthened with higher security and ballot secrecy.


POLYAS makes use of a convenient tool during the voting process: Single-Sign-On. This means that eligible voters only have to log in once to participate in all rounds of voting. It is particularly important for AGMs where the items on the agenda are often numerous.

Voting takes place online through our certified online voting platform. Voters need an internet enabled device with a browser. A laptop, tablet or their own smartphones can be used to access the live voting platform. Once they are logged in and the voting session is opened, members can participate.

Faster results at your AGM

Conducting a live election is extremely simple and consists of a just a few steps:

  • The election officer creates the ballots directly in the online admin interface
  • Voters can see the vote in question and their options. This is shown as a preview.
  • After discussing the item in question, the admin then starts the election and members can cast their votes
  • Once the vote is closed, the results are counted displayed on all connected devices and screens

Read more about the details of live voting

If sudden changes are needed or if you decide to hold a snap election or vote at your AGM, you can easily amend any ballot or add new ones in the live voting configurator. We are proud to announce yet another string to our bow, and one that will help companies, unions, cooperative and any elections held live at an AGM more efficient, allowing your institution to concentrate on the debate, rather than the fuss of election management.

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