How Best to Prepare for Elections in Collecting Societies

According to the law in Germany, every member of a collecting society must have the opportunity to participate electronically in the collecting society’s elections. This is one of the reasons why the majority of general meetings, votes and elections in German collecting societies are already conducted digitally.

There’s a lot to organize! From registering for the election to actually voting and being represented by other members.

Let us guide you through how best to prepare for your next general assembly of members. We’ll also show you what digital solutions we can offer.

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The Diocese of Freiburg had started planning their 2020 online election of parish councils long before the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. However, the initially planned postal voting with 1.6 million eligible voters was cancelled due to the very first lockdown. Martin Müller, pastoral advisor and managing director of the Freiburg Diocesan Council, tells us in a #customerinterview how a remarkable voter turnout was nevertheless achieved in the largest online election to date with POLYAS.

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5 practical tips POLYAS live voting

Are you planning a meeting that includes voting? In this case, POLYAS Live Voting will be your best choice! You want to make sure that your event runs as smoothly and trouble-free as possible. We give you 5 tips to help you complete your final check-up before the start of the meeting—be it on-site or fully digital.

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Interview EBRD votes online with POLYAS

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, short EBRD, voted with POLYAS for the first time in October 2020. Marija Linartaite, Associate Shareholder Relations, and Thomas Gale, active in purchasing, take stock in the customer interview with POLYAS.

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On June 25, 2021, the POLYAS CORE 2.5.0 was once again certified according to the international Common Criteria standards. We took this opportunity to fact-check the frequently asked questions concerning the BSI certificate (BSI = German Federal Office for Information Security). What does the BSI certificate mean? What exactly is being certified? The basis for […]

POLYAS Community

Anyone can set up an election! We at POLYAS are convinced of that. For a year now, our Help Center has offered an extensive range of instructions for our three products; Online Election, Live Voting and the Nomination Platform. Step by step, they explain the entire setup process with the POLYAS Online Voting Manager. A good six months ago, our Help Center was updated once again with a community area and a new look. In this blog post we explore the new options that the POLYAS Community gives you and your election project.

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The New POLYAS Nomination Platform

Today, we are proud to present the launch of the new POLYAS nomination platform. The new platform ensures a significantly improved coordination of the nomination process and supports companies and institutions in the digital nomination of candidates. The nomination platform is a logical addition to the existing POLYAS product range: along with our Online Voting […]

25 years POLYAS 25 percent discount

Can you remember what you did exactly 25 years ago this summer? We sure do as we provided our first online election: 30,000 eligible voters raised their voice digitally with POLYAS in Finland in the summer of 1996. Nowadays, we count more than 500 customers and 5 million voters. We are very proud to be a pioneer for digital democracy and online elections. At the same time, we would like to say THANK YOU for supporting us on this journey and trusting in us.

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The University of Geneva voted online with POLYAS

The University of Geneva is spread all over the city – and that also applies to its polling stations. Online voting with POLYAS provided a remedy, which paid off even more because of the pandemic. Lionel Cau, an information systems and organizational consultant at the University of Geneva, talks in the interview about how POLYAS overcame various hurdles to make the election available.

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IT security

At the latest with the occurrence of corona, the question of IT security in virtual voting has become even more important. We are repeatedly being asked how we protect the data of eligible voters and improve the security of voting. So we put the question to somebody who should know: Our colleague Vasko Hristov has been a member of the POLYAS data protection team for a long time and is an expert on IT security.

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POLYAS Live Voting free test vote

POLYAS developed Live Voting so that you can conduct live voting that is legally compliant and barrier-free at any in-person event or at a virtual conference. You can also include voting for candidates in your live voting. After all, this is how the CDU held this year’s party conference with POLYAS. And now can test Live Voting free of charge. In this article you can find out how to use free test voting and which advantages the tool offers you.

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Blockchain vs Bulletin Boards

The blockchain encryption technology provides the trust that people need in the virtual currency Bitcoin. But does using blockchain make sense for e-voting too? POLYAS relies on a similar but more flexible solution: the bulletin board. This post explains the reasons behind this decision.

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