HOA Elections - what you need to know

Every HOA board needs to be democratically elected by the wider membership. The board is the main governing body of any association and this does not change with an HOA. Find out about the importance of elections in Homeowners Associations here as well as what you need to know.

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Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement is a hot topic within corporate management circles. Effective business leaders understand that one of the keys to success is developing and maintaining an engaged workforce. An integral step in ensuring this is achieved is carrying out employee engagement surveys. Here we run through some top tips for planning and conducting these surveys. Continue reading

Essentials about credit union elections

All credit union elections need to be carefully planned and organized. This is often a demanding task where mistakes can easily be made, leading to members losing trust in the credit union. Have a look at the practical tips we’ve put together for your election organization and make your next election a smooth-running one. Continue reading

Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement is widely viewed as being crucial to lasting business success. The logic underpinning it is simple: engaged staff are productive staff. Actually achieving a widely engaged workforce, on the other hand, is a little trickier. In this blog series, we explore employee engagement and how to measure it effectively through surveys. First up: what exactly is employee engagement? Continue reading

Online voting in Canada: Digital Democracy

Whilst not yet in use at the federal election level, online voting in Canada has been in operation in certain elections for over a decade. In this blog post we take a look at the current online voting landscape in Canada and the likely future trend. Continue reading

What is an HOA

Homeowners Associations (HOA) are responsible for the smooth running of property development areas on behalf of the homeowners and the real estate developers. They manage the approximately 62 million residents across the United States. Read on for more information about Homeowners Associations.

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Daniel Michels, Software Developer bei Polyas im Interview

We spoke to Daniel Michels about what a typical day in the life of a software developer looks like at Polyas. He spoke about what makes his job so satisfying, why he enjoys it and why he thinks people should apply to develop Polyas further. Read about what being a Polyas software developer is like! Continue reading

The digitalization of paper records: e-files

Digital management opportunities and E-files have long been a topic of interest for politicians, public authorities and private citizens alike. The speed and extent to which documents are produced nowadays means that file-management processes need to be modernized. An important requirement is that files be accessible from anywhere and at any time. While introducing E-filing is somewhat controversial, can electronic file-management in the digital age really be avoided? Continue reading

Encourage Candidates for your next board election

Having difficulties finding candidates to stand for your elections? Sadly, this is a common problem in many cooperatives and associations. Here we walk you through some useful tips that will help to encourage candidates to gather their signatures and apply for elections.   Continue reading

Essentials about credit union elections

Credit union elections are a vital aspect of any financial cooperative. As cooperatives are owned by their members, members are responsible for electing the board of directors. The board, in turn, manage the credit to handle the management of the credit union.

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How live voting with Polyas works

For a few months now, Polyas customers have had the option of using our live voting platform. It enables institutions to vote seamlessly and quickly at their AGM. This kind of voting procedure can benefit many different organizations. But how exactly does live voting work? Continue reading

Winning Candidates in Cooperatives' Election organization

Election organization can be a daunting task. It is both an important and time-consuming task to organize a board of directors and/or a delegate election. Mistakes can easily be made and diminish confidence in your cooperative’s ability to conduct elections, damaging your reputation as well as your future turnout. In order for your next elections to run smoothly, we have some practical tips for you to read that will help your election organization run smoothly. Continue reading