Interview mit Patricia Schwan - Head of Sales bei POLYAS

We are delighted to welcome Antonia Reichwein and Margarita Udovychenko on board as election managers. They started working in March and have taken on the roles of managing client and setting up elections. In an interview with the pair, we asked what was the attraction of online voting and how the first few weeks have been.

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So funktioniert das Wahlsystem zur Parlamentswahl in Ungarn

Today we are taking a look at the Hungarian parliamentary system ahead of the upcoming election on Sunday. Read on to learn more about how the 199 seats in parliament are divided up. Continue reading

Election News
Last Sunday Italy and Switzerland went to the polls. While forming a new government is likely to be difficult in Italy, Switzerland did not face much of split in opinion regarding TV & radio licencing fees. Read on for more in our #ElectionNews.

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Interview mit Patricia Schwan - Head of Sales bei POLYAS

For the last 20 years, online-elections have been his passion. Wolfgang Jung, our founder is still passionately pursuing his vision of digitalised democracy. We talked to him about POLYAS’ beginnings, its future and why he thinks Kassel is an under-valued city.  Continue reading


The possible uses of Blockchain technology are numerous, for online voting platforms it offers another way of providing secure online elections. POLYAS relies on the same technology on a smaller scale but is also in the process of researching an entire election system designed around decentralised Blockchain technology. We interviewed Thomas Haines from our research department to learn more about Blockchain and what is behind the hype. Continue reading

Election News

Another weekend, and another series of interesting election news across the European continent. The Czech republic has gone to the polls for the second time in as many weeks, the Finnish election resulted in a landslide and Cyprus will need a run-off to decide their next president.  Continue reading

Election News

Without any great upsets, the Czech presidential election is over. The first round was easily won by the incumbent president, Miloš Zeman. The second round of voting is set to take place in two weeks. Miloš Zeman’s opponent is the party-less Chemistry profession, Jiří Drahoš. As always, everything you need to know about the latest […]

Review 2017

The year comes to an end and POLYAS looks back on a successful and exciting 2017. We introduced new features, found new customer groups and offered fully serviced elections. Read more in our year review. Continue reading

2017 election review - what happened?

2017 has been a year packed full of important elections. There have been some significant elections and referendums across the world and now that 2017 is coming to an end, we are taking a look at some of the most significant elections and referendums of the year.

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online Board elections for Professional associations explained

There are clear differences between Professional associations and Regulatory Colleges in terms of both their purpose and governance. Today we will be clarifying the main aspects and difference between these often-confused institutions. Continue reading

Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Managing corporate elections can be a challenge, therefore we have put together our top tips to help your election process run a little smoother. Give Yourself Enough time. This is often overlooked as managing elections is often somewhat of an afterthought for many companies. There are three main things you need for to start your […]

election checklist for your professional association_

Using a Checklist for your next election can save you a lot of stress: planning an election can be a challenge, from ensuring that you are staying within your bylaws to creating ballot papers, there are many tasks that need to be done correctly. Below you can learn how to plan your election efficiently and how to create paper ballots.  Continue reading