5 practical tips POLYAS live voting

Are you planning a meeting that includes voting? In this case, POLYAS Live Voting will be your best choice! You want to make sure that your event runs as smoothly and trouble-free as possible. We give you 5 tips to help you complete your final check-up before the start of the meeting—be it on-site or fully digital.

Live votings at in-person events or at virtual meetings is easy to test and conduct in the POLYAS Live Voting Cockpit. For organizers and eligible voters, it is important to have a stable Internet connection and one or more Internet-connected devices.

1) Provide replacement devices at in-person events

Experience has shown that one percent of eligible voters have problems with their digital voting devices, such as their smartphones or tablets. If you hold an in-person event, we recommend that you have alternative devices (e.g. tablets) available for that one percent of voters. Even those participants voting purely online and from home should ideally have a second device on hand.

2) Update browser

POLYAS Live voting supports all popular browsers. In order for the voting to work smoothly, voters need to keep their browsers up to date and ideally check this before the live voting.

3) Avoid login problems

A common feature of mobile devices is that upper and lower case letters are automatically corrected when text is entered. When logging in, however, access depends on entering the voter credentials exactly as noted in the invitation.

POLYAS Live Voting Tips


If anybody has problems logging in, advise them to display the password as they enter it. In this way they can check whether all letters and characters were entered correctly.


4) Conduct a test vote (starter question)

At the beginning of the event, you can conduct a test vote. With a simple yes/no question, you provide a relaxed introduction to your event and immediately test the functionality of the POLYAS Live Voting. A possible question would be, for example: “How do you like the venue?” Or “Do you like the design of the event?” In this way, eligible voters can familiarize themselves with the POLYAS Live Voting before they actually cast their first vote.

TIP: Uploading your logos to your POLYAS Live Voting strengthens the sense of belonging among your voters.

5) Welcome text for your POLYAS Live Voting

POLYAS Live Voting has the option to display a welcome text to eligible voters after they log in. Use this opportunity to get your voters into the mood for live voting. The information is easy to create in the Live Voting Cockpit.

The Live Voting Cockpit also offers the option of displaying information to participants between votes, for example if voting is paused. Simply write a short information text. For example: “We’re taking a 15-minute break. The next vote continues then.”

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