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Today the European Commission released its strategy to establish a unified digital single market. The digitalisation of society also requires additional digitalisation of the democratic processes. One crucial step on this path is the Europe-wide unification of the security profiles for online voting systems. Continue reading

22 April is Earth Day, a time to think about protecting the environment. However, environmental protection measures need not always require cutting back. It is worth questioning common daily routines and using modern technology. Take voting and ballots for instance: Online elections cause a significantly lower level of emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 than […]

POLYAS supports Master student Karola Marky’s research work in the field of liquid democracy with Dr. Melania Volkamer at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. The joint project VALID (Verifiable Liquid Democracy) was covered.
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On the occasion of this year’s Bundestag election, the opinion research institution FORSA reported in a poll that 51 per cent of Germans would cast their vote online if given the opportunity. That is four per cent more than just four years ago.

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