In a recent interview, US President Barack Obama argued in favour of the introduction of online elections. In Germany, too, more and more politicians are expressing their support for voting online. This article will provide you with a brief overview of the political discussion. Continue reading

In our article on association charters we provided you with fundamental insight into the content that an association charter must, should and may contain. The charter dictates association life in the form of a constitution and is thus closely tied with the goals, work methods and decision-making regulations of an association. Throughout several years of […]

“Unity is strength” goes the adage, which is why a group of people will often form a union to achieve a common goal. And with a formal union, club or society come democratic procedures, elections and ballots. But a union, or association, also needs rules. Continue reading

The majority of British citizens want the opportunity to vote online. This was revealed by two polls from the market research institute YouGov, commissioned by WebRoots Democracy. Continue reading

Considering the needs of modern voters – that was the subject of our fifth tip to increase voter participation. Naturally, a large number of these modern voters consist of the younger generation. Continue reading

Along with the legally stipulated election of equal opportunities, officers in federal, and state offices, elections for equal opportunity officers are also regularly held in corporate bodies under public law, universities and other institutions and companies. These elections can only be secure, legally binding, cost-efficient and comfortable when held online. Continue reading

The term “social pressure” has truly negative connotations. This primarily stems from the word “pressure”, which is used in the context of force or – especially nowadays – exhaustion in the workplace. However, social pressure is a phenomenon that has been around for as long as forms of community have existed. Because, as described in […]

Youth councils represent the interests of the youth at the municipal level and are generally re-elected every two years. More and more municipalities have since come to hold their Youth Parliament elections online – and for good reason. Continue reading

Editorial representatives are regularly elected at public service broadcasters. Now, in June 2015, the voters of a public media firm were asked to elect their new editorial committee online. Continue reading

It is nothing new that especially the younger generations spend a majority of their lives online. Almost everywhere you see people with smartphones or tablets, and 87 per cent of all German households have computers with internet access (source: Statista 2015). One may find that bad – yet it also comes with a wealth of […]

After the resignation of Ed Miliband, the British Labour Party will elect a new party chairman in late summer. Labour is also utilising an online voting system for this internal party elections. Continue reading

Taking part in a vote without having to leave the house on Election Day? Or casting a ballot when you want, when you’re able? These are the benefits of postal votes – and online voting as well. The comfortable online ballot process does, however, have additional advantages over voting by post. Continue reading