Political Dialogue goes digital: Pros & Cons

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You have prepared your election down to the last detail. The election calendar is set, the decision for the proper election procedure has been made, all candidates are ready Continue reading

Next year Britons are expected to go to the polls for the long awaited referendum, in which they vote for our against the EU membership. But how likely is such a ‘Brexit’? And if, what would that mean for Germany and the European Union? Those and several more issues were the focus of a very interesting panel discussion, hold by the The Association of German Banks in Berlin.
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What is E-Voting? What kind of advantages comes with online voting and are there any weak points? Continue reading

Murphy’s Law states: “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”

Of course, this is not the most positive way to pass through life, but at least you are always prepared for anything. Continue reading

By Olly Tozer 

The British Labour Party has just elected the socialist Jeremy Corbyn to be their new leader Continue reading

A day for democracy! The United Nations created the International Day of Democracy in 2007. Each year on 15th September we look at the state of democracy around the world.

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