Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Managing corporate elections can be a challenge, therefore we have put together our top tips to help your election process run a little smoother. Give Yourself Enough time. This is often overlooked as managing elections is often somewhat of an afterthought for many companies. There are three main things you need for to start your […]

election checklist for your professional association_

Using a Checklist for your next election can save you a lot of stress: planning an election can be a challenge, from ensuring that you are staying within your bylaws to creating ballot papers, there are many tasks that need to be done correctly. Below you can learn how to plan your election efficiently and how to create paper ballots.  Continue reading

The UK Cabinet Office has released the total election costs for the recent snap-election. For an election that actually weakened the conservative position in Parliament, opponents and disgruntled backbenchers have been quick to criticise. Yet what makes general election costs so high?

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learn more about efficient election management

Election management can be a demanding task. It is both important and time-consuming to organize a board of directors and/or a delegate election. It possible that mistakes happen which diminish confidence in your systems, damaging your reputation as well as future turnout. We have some helpful tips to support the management of your election. 1. […]

Essentials about credit union elections

All credit union elections need to be carefully planned and organized. This is often a demanding task where mistakes can easily be made, leading to members losing trust in the credit union. Have a look at the practical tips we’ve put together for your election organization and make your next election a smooth-running one. Continue reading

Encourage Candidates for your next board election

Having difficulties finding candidates to stand for your elections? Sadly, this is a common problem in many cooperatives and associations. Here we walk you through some useful tips that will help to encourage candidates to gather their signatures and apply for elections.   Continue reading

Winning Candidates in Cooperatives' Election organization

Election organization can be a daunting task. It is both an important and time-consuming task to organize a board of directors and/or a delegate election. Mistakes can easily be made and diminish confidence in your cooperative’s ability to conduct elections, damaging your reputation as well as your future turnout. In order for your next elections to run smoothly, we have some practical tips for you to read that will help your election organization run smoothly. Continue reading

Create an Election Calendar to stave off chaos

With an Election calendar, simplify the management of your vote and avoid sinking into the quicksand that is organizational chaos! With our tips, you can set up your voting calendar simply, quickly and effectively.

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You have prepared your election down to the last detail. The election calendar is set, the decision for the proper election procedure has been made, all candidates are ready Continue reading

Murphy’s Law states: “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”

Of course, this is not the most positive way to pass through life, but at least you are always prepared for anything. Continue reading

If you are on the electoral management committee, there is no shortage of things to do. You will normally have to plan meticulously, juggle a number of functions and keep a cool head. Sometimes it can be a problem if a lot of people are involved in the planning process. After all, too many cooks spoil […]

An election is going to be held, that much is certain. And everyone knows what the election is for. Sufficient individuals have put themselves forward as candidates. The election committee, e.g. for the association or board election, has been constituted. There’s only one thing left to organise: how the election is going to take place. […]