Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Managing corporate elections can be a challenge, therefore we have put together our top tips to help your election process run a little smoother.

Give Yourself Enough time.

This is often overlooked as managing elections is often somewhat of an afterthought for many companies. There are three main things you need for to start your election and to ensure that it is successful:

  • Ballot Papers
    • With either candidates or bylaw changes.
  • An Electoral Roll
  • Start and end dates

Make a Schedule of all of your tasks

Getting to the stages where you can create ballot papers, upload (or use) your electoral roll and start the election takes some hard work behind the scenes. The first step should be to decide on a rough date for the election to begin. This date can be fixed later. Opening nominations and selecting potential candidates leads to the finalization of ballot papers.

Your electoral roll should be an updated version of your members list. This list needs to include a functional address/email address, their membership number, voting rights and their name.

All of these tasks take time and it is imperative that you keep to your schedule to ensure that your election starts on time and all tasks have been completed.

Checklists keep you on track

Using a checklist with all of the tasks that have to be completed will help you keep an overview of what has been done and what is still needed. We all use checklists on a daily basis, but when managing elections it is imperative that you have listed all tasks, who is responsible for them and when they have been completed. You do not want to find out that you have just a day to create your electoral roll!

Switch to Online Voting

Online Elections reduce the management process and management costs considerably while keeping high standards of security and legal validity. Our system has been designed so that you can upload your ballot papers, your electoral roll and set a start and end time. You can even run a test election to be sure that everything looks the way you want it too.

You can reduce the stress involved with managing elections by letting us handle everything on your behalf. Get in contact with us today to learn more about fully managed online elections!