Interview Polyas Team Vom Election Manager über den Software Developer bis zur Pressereferentin

We are delighted to welcome Antonia Reichwein and Margarita Udovychenko on board as election managers. They started working in March and have taken on the roles of managing client and setting up elections. In an interview with the pair, we asked what was the attraction of online voting and how the first few weeks have been.

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Interview Polyas Team Vom Election Manager über den Software Developer bis zur Pressereferentin

For the last 20 years, online-elections have been his passion. Wolfgang Jung, our founder is still passionately pursuing his vision of digitalised democracy. We talked to him about POLYAS’ beginnings, its future and why he thinks Kassel is an under-valued city.  Continue reading

Election News

Another weekend, and another series of interesting election news across the European continent. The Czech republic has gone to the polls for the second time in as many weeks, the Finnish election resulted in a landslide and Cyprus will need a run-off to decide their next president.  Continue reading

Review 2017

The year comes to an end and POLYAS looks back on a successful and exciting 2017. We introduced new features, found new customer groups and offered fully serviced elections. Read more in our year review. Continue reading

online Board elections for Professional associations explained

There are clear differences between Professional associations and Regulatory Colleges in terms of both their purpose and governance. Today we will be clarifying the main aspects and difference between these often-confused institutions. Continue reading

Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Learn about the corporate election process including what steps must be taken and what documents are needed to ensure a legally valid election. All larger companies have to manage elections at some point – ensure you know what needs to be done! Continue reading

Interview Polyas Team Vom Election Manager über den Software Developer bis zur Pressereferentin

Being an election manager at POLYAS is not a usual job says Senior Election Manager Alexander Akbik. It not only about taking care of the customer but also ensuring the precise conduction of the election. Alex told us about his day-to-day business, what he likes most about it and why he is convinced by online voting. Continue reading

Election News

The Norwegian general election has come to a close on Monday’s election. In a tight campaign that pitted the incumbent right-wing coalition against a centre-left opposition, the conservative PM, Erna Solberg seems to have defeated their challengers, with 95% of votes counted.

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HOA election process

HOAs are democratic institutions and must have a free and fair election process that reflects their democratic principles. Homeowners have the right to elect the board of directors as they see fit, but the election process must be in keeping with bylaws and state or federal legislation.

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Daniel Michels, Software Developer bei Polyas im Interview

We spoke to Daniel Michels about what a typical day in the life of a software developer looks like at POLYAS. He spoke about what makes his job so satisfying, why he enjoys it and why he thinks people should apply to develop POLYAS further. Read about what being a POLYAS software developer is like! Continue reading

How live voting with Polyas works

For a few months now, POLYAS customers have had the option of using our live voting platform. It enables institutions to vote seamlessly and quickly at their AGM. This kind of voting procedure can benefit many different organizations. But how exactly does live voting work? Continue reading

A politician thinks of the next election.
A statesman, of the next generation.

 James Freeman Clarke (1810 – 1888) An American theologian and author