How Best to Prepare for Elections in Collecting Societies

According to the law in Germany, every member of a collecting society must have the opportunity to participate electronically in the collecting society’s elections. This is one of the reasons why the majority of general meetings, votes and elections in German collecting societies are already conducted digitally.

There’s a lot to organize! From registering for the election to actually voting and being represented by other members.

Let us guide you through how best to prepare for your next general assembly of members. We’ll also show you what digital solutions we can offer.

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Interview EBRD votes online with POLYAS

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, short EBRD, voted with POLYAS for the first time in October 2020. Marija Linartaite, Associate Shareholder Relations, and Thomas Gale, active in purchasing, take stock in the customer interview with POLYAS.

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The University of Geneva voted online with POLYAS

The University of Geneva is spread all over the city – and that also applies to its polling stations. Online voting with POLYAS provided a remedy, which paid off even more because of the pandemic. Lionel Cau, an information systems and organizational consultant at the University of Geneva, talks in the interview about how POLYAS overcame various hurdles to make the election available.

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Blockchain vs Bulletin Boards

The blockchain encryption technology provides the trust that people need in the virtual currency Bitcoin. But does using blockchain make sense for e-voting too? POLYAS relies on a similar but more flexible solution: the bulletin board. This post explains the reasons behind this decision.

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POLYAS review 2020

2020 is unlikely to be a year that we forgot in a hurry. The effects of the corona pandemic were a major challenge for the POLYAS team. But it quickly became clear: Co-determination cannot be put on hold, and the need for digital democracy has never been greater. Continue reading

VNV is voting with POLYAS

Unions constantly have to vote on an arrray of issues. This is no different for the Vereniging Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers (VNV), also known as Dutch ALPA (Airline Pilots Association), a union affiliated with Dutch Airlines. Secretary General of the VNV, Daan Zwart, explains in the interview how online voting helped boost the organization’s voter turnout by approximately 20%.

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