The Diocese of Freiburg had started planning their 2020 online election of parish councils long before the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. However, the initially planned postal voting with 1.6 million eligible voters was cancelled due to the very first lockdown. Martin Müller, pastoral advisor and managing director of the Freiburg Diocesan Council, tells us in a #customerinterview how a remarkable voter turnout was nevertheless achieved in the largest online election to date with POLYAS.

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Blockchain vs Bulletin Boards

The blockchain encryption technology provides the trust that people need in the virtual currency Bitcoin. But does using blockchain make sense for e-voting too? POLYAS relies on a similar but more flexible solution: the bulletin board. This post explains the reasons behind this decision.

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The possible uses of Blockchain technology are numerous, for online voting platforms it offers another way of providing secure online elections. POLYAS relies on the same technology on a smaller scale but is also in the process of researching an entire election system designed around decentralised Blockchain technology. We interviewed Thomas Haines from our research department to learn more about Blockchain and what is behind the hype. Continue reading

Professional Associations Candidates

Professional associations hold elections for various positions. From board members to representatives today we are going through all of the positions that professional associations need to hold elections for and how candidates are selected.  Continue reading

What are professional associations

Jobs often make up a large part of one’s identity, you spend so much time with co-workers and fellow professionals it makes sense to band together to try and advance the field in which you work. In this latest blog series, we are taking a look at Professional Associations as democratic institutions and their impact.  Continue reading

Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Corporations are a fascinating area to look at when it comes to elections. There exists a complete spectrum of democratic principles regarding the management of a corporation. In this, our first part looking at corporations we take a look at the general structure of corporations and the types of elections they hold.

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Czech Election System

This week we are taking a look at the Czech election system. The Czech Republic is due to go to the polls on the 20th and 21st of October. In what could be yet another crucial election for the European Union, we are taking a look at the election system and the main candidates. Continue reading

Das Wahlsystem in Österreich

The Austrian national council is up for election this Sunday, so we are taking a look at how the Austrian election system works. Here you can learn all about the electoral system of the Austrian national council.

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New EU Data Protection Regulations to be implemented in May 2018

Experts in the field of electronic voting from all over the world will be gathering to attend the new conference E-VOTE-ID. Read on to learn more about the conference and what we will be presenting.

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Association Board of directors elections

Associations are established by people who share a common interest. They solely exist to serve their membership. In order to have a smoothly running association, the members elect a board of directors to lead the association on their behalf.

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Read more about successful election management in associations

Associations are member organizations which operate under a joint purpose. They focus their work on benefiting their members. The structure of associations tends to be similar with only slight differences between the various types of associations.  Continue reading

HOA Elections - what you need to know

Every HOA board needs to be democratically elected by the wider membership. The board is the main governing body of any association and this does not change with an HOA. Find out about the importance of elections in Homeowners Associations here as well as what you need to know.

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