HOA Elections - what you need to know

Every HOA board needs to be democratically elected by the wider membership. The board is the main governing body of any association and this does not change with an HOA. Find out about the importance of elections in Homeowners Associations here as well as what you need to know.

HOAs are an association of homeowners who come together to ensure that their neighborhood is well maintained and looks its best. They ensure that common areas are kept safe and clean, that homeowners pay their yearly fees, and that the style of any new building work is similar to what is in place.

Every HOA has to elect a board of directors. The board is made up of volunteers out of the community. They act as the governing body for the HOA. They ultimately ensure that the HOA and all of its members act in accordance with their own bylaws as well as legislation on a state, regional or national level.

Additionally, the board is responsible for managing the budget and maintaining a reserve fund. They also are tasked with keeping accurate records, the collection of fees and the ensuring that homeowners have sufficient insurance on their properties.

HOA Board of Directors Overview

Directors are responsible for managing or supervising all aspects of the HOA. This also includes ensuring that their elections are fair, free and open to all of their members. HOA boards are structured in many different ways but they are generally expected to meet upwards of four times a year and to be in communication with different management committees. Indeed, many board members are expected to chair a minimum of one committee.

Terms lengths are not universal, however, most directors serve between 3 and 5 years per term. Term length should be stated clearly in the HOA bylaws and/or the election documents. Elections are usually staggered to ensure that the whole board does not need to be re-elected at the same time. This also ensures that there is not such a steep learning curve if all directors are new.

Being democratic institutions, if the board fails in their duties or are unable to meet the expectations of the homeowners, a different director can be elected. Any homeowner can apply for candidacy if they gather enough support. HOA elections can often be difficult to manage, especially if done with pen and paper.

Online elections help associations of all shapes and sizes manage their elections in a smooth and efficient manner. We ensure complete anonymity and security in all of our elections. Find out more about voting online today!