Review 2017

The year comes to an end and POLYAS looks back on a successful and exciting 2017. We introduced new features, found new customer groups and offered fully serviced elections. Read more in our year review. Continue reading

Election News

The 2017 Elections in Honduras are over, with both sides are claiming victory. On Sunday, Hondurans voted for a new President, National Congress and in municipal elections. The final results are expected on Thursday.  Continue reading

Interview mit Patricia Schwan - Head of Sales bei POLYAS

Being an election manager at POLYAS is not a usual job says Senior Election Manager Alexander Akbik. It not only about taking care of the customer but also ensuring the precise conduction of the election. Alex told us about his day-to-day business, what he likes most about it and why he is convinced by online voting. Continue reading

Election News

A total of 61.5 million Germans were eligible to vote for the 19th German Parliament. The results were not wholly surprising, but the sharp rise of the AFD, shocked many in the wake of the election. Read all about results and the potential alliances in the latest German Parliament. Continue reading

German parliament is elected through proportional vote.

First vote, a second vote, direct candidates, overhang seat, 5-percent-threshold: find out just how the German Parliament is election system works. German Parliament election system Like many other countries, Germany is a representative democracy. In contrast to direct democracies, for instance like Switzerland, political decisions are not made directly by the people, but through delegates. […]

learn more about efficient election management

Election management can be a demanding task. It is both important and time-consuming to organize a board of directors and/or a delegate election. It possible that mistakes happen which diminish confidence in your systems, damaging your reputation as well as future turnout. We have some helpful tips to support the management of your election. 1. […]

Association Board of directors elections

Associations are established by people who share a common interest. They solely exist to serve their membership. In order to have a smoothly running association, the members elect a board of directors to lead the association on their behalf.

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Read more about successful election management in associations

Associations are member organizations which operate under a joint purpose. They focus their work on benefiting their members. The structure of associations tends to be similar with only slight differences between the various types of associations.  Continue reading

Essentials about credit union elections

All credit union elections need to be carefully planned and organized. This is often a demanding task where mistakes can easily be made, leading to members losing trust in the credit union. Have a look at the practical tips we’ve put together for your election organization and make your next election a smooth-running one. Continue reading

Encourage Candidates for your next board election

Having difficulties finding candidates to stand for your elections? Sadly, this is a common problem in many cooperatives and associations. Here we walk you through some useful tips that will help to encourage candidates to gather their signatures and apply for elections.   Continue reading

Essentials about credit union elections

Credit union elections are a vital aspect of any financial cooperative. As cooperatives are owned by their members, members are responsible for electing the board of directors. The board, in turn, manage the credit to handle the management of the credit union.

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How live voting with Polyas works

For a few months now, POLYAS customers have had the option of using our live voting platform. It enables institutions to vote seamlessly and quickly at their AGM. This kind of voting procedure can benefit many different organizations. But how exactly does live voting work? Continue reading