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Experts in the field of electronic voting from all over the world will be gathering to attend the new conference E-VOTE-ID. Read on to learn more about the conference and what we will be presenting.

E-VOTE-ID: An interdisciplinary approach

The EVOTE and VoteID biannual conferences have merged to form the annual E-VOTE-ID conference. E-VOTE-ID will now be held annually to help further the development of online, and electronic voting.

This year it is being held near the shores of Lake Constance, Austria in a beautiful renaissance castle, shown above.

E-VOTE-ID is a unique conference in that it emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach. Too often do policymakers, academics, industrial leaders, and voting specialists fail to work together and approach the issues facing E-voting in a unified manner.

Indeed, it is this interdisciplinary approach on all levels that makes E-VOTE-ID a particularly important conference:
“PhD students from legal backgrounds are joined by PhD students with computer science and cryptography backgrounds and by social scientists.”

The conference invites experts in their relevant fields to come forward and present their latest ideas and concepts, products or tests to a wider, critical, community. This level of communication is needed to ensure that electronic, and online voting thrives to support democracy in the future.

Cast-as-Intended Mechanism with Return Codes Based on PETs

One of the most challenging and important aspects of online voting is ensuring that votes are actually cast into the digital ballot as they were intended. Our current system, POLYAS CORE 2.2.3, is certified by the BSI under Common Criteria Standards. This means that all votes are unable to be changed on the way to, or whilst in the ballot box.

Our cryptographic researchers will be presenting their paper: “Cast-as-Intended Mechanism with Return Codes Based on PETs”. You can find them on Wednesday, the 25th of October in the afternoon session (1.30pm). In addition, they will be showcasing how these methods are used in our latest election system – POLYAS NG.

Please get in contact if you would like to learn more about POLYAS and our research into secure voting systems. Alternatively, if you are looking for a certified, secure election system, Request a quote and one of our election managers will be in contact with you shortly.