Since the pandemic, more and more people have decided to use online voting. But how do I set up a digital election and what is there to consider? Should I set up an online voting, live voting or an online nomination instead? And what’s the situation with an online voting project? Lorenz and his POLYAS Support #Team have the right answers to all of these questions.

 Lorenz, who or what is the POLYAS Support Team?

Lorenz Horn

Lorenz Horn – Customer Support Agent

The POLYAS Support Team has only existed since October 2020 and currently consists of four people. Before that, customer questions were taken care of by our EM (Election Management) team. However, since more and more companies, parties and associations are deciding to vote online, we founded the POLYAS Support Team to relieve the load on the EM team.

What exactly do you do as the POLYAS support team?

In principle, we answer any questions our customers have. Questions, comments and messages sent to appear directly on our screens here in the POLYAS Support Team. We can respond to these during business hours from 9 AM to 5 PM (CET). If the question is important and needs a quick response, we will reply immediately. Otherwise it will take a little longer.

How can customers reach you?

If customers or prospective customers have any questions or problems regarding our products or the features and functions of the Online Voting Manager, all the have to do is write to us and we will answer the questions as quickly as possible. This applies above all to self-service customers—customers who prefer to carry out simpler and smaller elections and polls who do not have our staff to look after them.

Why are you so important to POLYAS?

We don’t offer advice by phone, so we decided to set up the support team last year. We have direct contact with the customer and so we are, effectively, the interface between the customer, product owners and the editorial team. The cooperation between these two departments is vital. Since we’ve been around, we are a filter to find out where any potential for optimization of the website or product is to be found. We didn’t have that before. Here in the POLYAS Support Team, we have an overview of questions from the users and we forward these internally in order to process customer comments and improve the products.

Has much changed since you’ve been around?

For sure. Even now after just three months I get the feeling that fewer questions are coming in because we filtered out some things and were able to improve them. The main advantage I see is the fact that we evaluate the data that we receive. The knowledge we extract from that can be directly used to improve the product and its usability.

Why? How exactly does collaborating with the editorial team and the product owners work?

Once a month we have a meeting with the product owners Elisa and Kathi and with Peter from the editorial team. We use this meeting to pass on our experiences with the customers. We want everything to work as well as possible and for our customers to be able to set up their elections themselves. Our goal is for customers not to write to us, because they intuitively know how to set up their ballot. As the POLYAS Support Team, we are an emergency point of contact if something does not work. As a result of our cooperation, our homepage and products are becoming more and more self-explanatory.

Thanks for your time, Lorenz.

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