Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Managing corporate elections can be a challenge, therefore we have put together our top tips to help your election process run a little smoother. Give Yourself Enough time. This is often overlooked as managing elections is often somewhat of an afterthought for many companies. There are three main things you need for to start your […]

election checklist for your professional association_

Using a Checklist for your next election can save you a lot of stress: planning an election can be a challenge, from ensuring that you are staying within your bylaws to creating ballot papers, there are many tasks that need to be done correctly. Below you can learn how to plan your election efficiently and how to create paper ballots.  Continue reading

Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Learn about the corporate election process including what steps must be taken and what documents are needed to ensure a legally valid election. All larger companies have to manage elections at some point – ensure you know what needs to be done! Continue reading

Professional Associations Candidates

Professional associations hold elections for various positions. From board members to representatives today we are going through all of the positions that professional associations need to hold elections for and how candidates are selected.  Continue reading

Election News

The 2017 Elections in Honduras are over, with both sides are claiming victory. On Sunday, Hondurans voted for a new President, National Congress and in municipal elections. The final results are expected on Thursday.  Continue reading

Interview mit Patricia Schwan - Head of Sales bei POLYAS

Being an election manager at POLYAS is not a usual job says Senior Election Manager Alexander Akbik. It not only about taking care of the customer but also ensuring the precise conduction of the election. Alex told us about his day-to-day business, what he likes most about it and why he is convinced by online voting. Continue reading

New EU Data Protection Regulations to be implemented in May 2018

In just half a year new data protection regulations are coming into effect. This new set of legislation will be enshrined into EU law on the 25th of May 2018. They are aimed at giving more control to Internet users over their personal data. Altering the data protection regulations will also have a significant impact on companies and institutions worldwide. Continue reading

What are professional associations

Jobs often make up a large part of one’s identity, you spend so much time with co-workers and fellow professionals it makes sense to band together to try and advance the field in which you work. In this latest blog series, we are taking a look at Professional Associations as democratic institutions and their impact.  Continue reading

Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Corporations are a fascinating area to look at when it comes to elections. There exists a complete spectrum of democratic principles regarding the management of a corporation. In this, our first part looking at corporations we take a look at the general structure of corporations and the types of elections they hold.

Continue reading

Election News

The parliamentary elections in Iceland are over and the formation of a coalition government is likely to be a challenge. Eight parties gained seats in Parliament as trust in the old parties deteriorates. Learn all about this latest election in our #ElectionNews Continue reading

Increasing Voter Turnout

In the second part of our series on increasing your election turnout, we are taking a look at the more human aspects of turnout. Read on to learn how to gain valuable insight into the minds of your voters and fostering higher turnouts for your elections.  Continue reading

Election News

Over the weekend, two Eastern European countries went to the polls. In the Czech Republic for a new government while in Slovenia, for a new President. Find out all of the details of these elections in our latest #Electionnews. The Results: A Victory for Andrej Babis Seats ANO 78 Civil Democratic Party 25 Czech Pirate […]