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For the committee and board election in 2013, the German Informatics Society (GI) utilised POLYAS as its online voting system once again. GI has been offering its members the opportunity to partake in the committee and board election online since 2005. This means that the GI has been trusting the POLYAS online voting system from the very start.

Nearly 18,000 members of the GI took their chance to vote online in October and November 2013, whereby voters are identified with the PIN/TAN procedure. In case of any issues, e.g. loss of election documentation, casting a vote by post is also a possible alternative.

POLYAS is providing GI its online voting solution for the ninth time in a row. Now will be the first time in which the surface appears in the new CI of the GI, with POLYAS’ new surface technology being utilised. POLYAS is thus able to grant easy access to the voting system and support screen readers even more.

We are very excited about the Gesellschaft für Informatik’s trust in us, and our continued successful cooperation.

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As a communication scientist I am interested in the impact of technics on life among politics and economics. I want to trace nuances and am not afraid of big words.


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