Der neue Personalausweis

With POLYAS, voters can be authenticated during an online vote with the customary PIN-TAN procedure and the electronic personal ID – or “eID” for short.Because of this application POLYAS won the main prize for the “eIDEE – Contest for the Digital Handshake” of the Bundesdruckerei on 29 November 2013.

With this award the Bundesdruckerei distinguishes online solutions that incorporate the digital personal ID and practically enhance its area of application. With POLYAS eID, online elections are held with a secure and distinct identification via eID. Unlike current solutions, there is no signature card and no sending of access data.The jury for the eIDEE contest, led by chairman Dr. Thomas Schildhauer, Director of the Institute of Electronic Business, granted POLYAS eID the top prize for its high degree of innovation and for its equally technical and legal practicality. “The combination of clear identification and anonymous online voting shows the great potential of the personal identification. I am very pleased that the jury selected this idea as the winner,” says Ulrich Hamann, Chairman of the Executive Board at the Bundesdruckerei.

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