POLYAS is continuing to develop its presence in the Italian market. For the second time this year, POLYAS will be making the trip over the Alps to take part in the SMAU technology fair on the 8th and 9th of July.

Elections for Higher Education Institutions a Priority

Many Italian institutions already vote online with POLYAS’ secure online voting system, but POLYAS has set its sights on elections for university and technical college elections for the second SMAU of 2017. Our Italian election manager, Margherita Grizzo, is currently supervising secure online elections for numerous Italian companies, clubs, and associations. Now higher education institutions will have the opportunity to vote online.

“The majority of universities in Italy hold their elections in the most traditional way – with physical ballot papers, boxes, and polling stations. Their turnout is often very low and the costs of their elections are high. POLYAS’ online voting system has a specifically designed product aimed at elections for higher education elections. It is the cheapest, most secure way of increasing democratic participation from both students and professors alike.” – Margherita Grizzo

Increase Voter Participation in Italian Universities

POLYAS’ online voting system is a secure and practical solution for Italian Universities. Universities are democratic institutions that have to elect committees and governing bodies. Many Universities in Germany are already using POLYAS’ online voting system. Italian higher education institutions can now reduce costs and increase participation by switching to online voting.

Learn more about switching to online voting

What is the SMAU Fair?

The SMAU fair enables us to present online voting in a challenging environment. Visitors can find out about secure online voting and how it can simplify election management. It isn’t just higher education that can benefit from switching to voting online with POLYAS. Companies, clubs, associations and cooperatives are welcome to visit us between the 8th and 9th of July in Bologna and ask us any questions they may have about online voting.

For the last 50 years, the SMAU fair has enabled innovators in technology to meet and exchange ideas. Technology companies, research institutions and local government all have the ability to connect through the so-called Digital-Transformation. This initiative is fostered by the SMAU to help companies expand and optimize through the introduction of digital technologies.