From the 30th to the 31st of March we were at the SMAU fair in Padua to present our online voting system and to meet the innovators driving the Italian tech market.

The SMAU Fair

First organized in 1964, the SMAU is the biggest tech convention in Italy. Technological innovation and entrepreneurs come face-to-face with Italian public and private institutions, small and big enterprises, universities, schools, and freelancers. In Italy, SMAU is somewhat of an Italian trend-setter, showcasing Italian innovations digital solutions to the public and interested parties.

We have been active in the Italian market since 2016 and attended the SMAU fair to present our online election solutions and learn about the latest and greatest in Italy.

Administrative Elections – Online Voting Can Help

Every institution that holds elections needs to manage the task of administration. Many Italian institutions are starting to look for digital solutions to organize their elections in a more efficient and secure way. We gave a short speech and a longer presentation to present our voting platform and we are happy to report that the reception was very welcoming.

“During 2 days I met over 50 people who were interested in online voting” commented Margherita Grizzo. Margherita was representing POLYAS in Padua and presenting our online voting platform. “Many entrepreneurs asked me about what online voting entails. Similarly, whether any Italian institutions or companies had already voted online. There is a widespread need to change election processes but many also seemed excited by the option of trying new solutions.”

Local Governments Need New Voting Solutions

Local governments, in particular, were interested in the prospects of online voting. The Comuni (Local municipalities) are under significant pressure: they need to cut election costs yet also increase their election turnout. Online voting is the obvious solution to this problem. We had the fortune of presenting our platform and talking about the simple requirements of online voting. Many were not aware that online elections are guided by the same election principles as traditional elections.

“I have been following the Italian market since 2016. There is both an interest, but a need for a new voting solution to keep e-democracy growing in Italy” said Margherita Grizzo.

POLYAS will be in Bologna in June to keep showcasing the merits of online voting and promoting Italian democracy.