A workshop on electronic elections will be held during the trade show “Informatik 2013” from 16 to 20 September. Under the title “I see what you don’t – public and private voting”, the current developments in the field of electronic elections, and especially voting through the internet, will be discussed. The main focus rests on the verifiability of the ballots cast by the authorised voters.

The Bundesverfahrensgericht – the Federal Constitutional Court – has especially emphasised this tenet to the public in its verdict on the usage of electoral machines in 2009. Science has since accepted this topic of verifiability and intensified the search for solutions. In the development of concrete systems, the requirement of individual verifiability is a great challenge that requires acceptance and implementation.

The workshop is directed toward scientists and practitioners who develop, select, implement, guide, use or critically accompany online voting systems. Specialist and interdisciplinary reports from the field of information and communication technology, as well as the political, social and legal sciences are explicitly desired.

The event is organised by the Universität Koblenz, the Universität Kassel and the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt.16

About Anna-Maria Palzkill

As a communication scientist I am interested in the impact of technics on life among politics and economics. I want to trace nuances and am not afraid of big words.