Corporations Structure, Corporate Election process & Managing Corporate Elections

Learn about the corporate election process including what steps must be taken and what documents are needed to ensure a legally valid election. All larger companies have to manage elections at some point – ensure you know what needs to be done!

Corporate Election Process:

Follow your Bylaws: This is the first and simplest step – ensure that your election managers have read and are aware of all of the steps that must be taken to ensure that your next board elections are legally valid. What is the election procedure? How many votes to shareholder receive and how should candidates be properly chosen?

Once your election committee is familiar with your bylaws, you can move onto planning the individual elections. Here is a step by step guide to help you through the process:

  • Determine which positions are up for election
  • Determine the dates of the election
  • Open nominations and gather prospective candidates
  • Open the registration period
  • Close nominations and create ballot papers
  • Close registration and create the electoral roll
  • Send out Voting Credentials and start the election
  • Close the election and count the ballots
  • Release the Final results

Simplify the election process with Online voting

Our election software has been designed to simplify the management process of corporate elections. Our nomination and registration platforms enable you to gain a better oversight of prospective candidates and to update your electoral roll. If members wish to allocate voting rights to other voting members (when permitted in your bylaws) they can easily with our voting software.

Creating and managing the actual election is even simpler. There are just three easy steps:

  1. Create the online ballot papers
  2. Upload your electoral roll
  3. Start the election

Once the election has finished you can download a PDF or excel document containing your legally valid voting results.

Combined Election Procedures

Not all companies vote online yet, and many that do still require that their members have the option to vote in person or via mail. POLYAS’ online voting system is easily combined with both in person and postal elections for your convenience.

Contact one of our corporate election managers to learn how we can help you with your next election.