Polyas Goes Canada

Look like we are going to have to brush up on our French and don our thickest winter jackets, because POLYAS is going to Quebec. More specifically, we will be heading to the International Summit of Cooperatives as part of our efforts to expand globally. From October 11th-13th, come visit us at our kiosk at the Convention Center located in the heart of Quebec City.

Cooperatives have long been among the most ethical and democratic institutions, which is why they are such an important client group for POLYAS. Whilst we are already working with several in Germany, it is about time that we started looking beyond our borders. With over 300 coops present at the Summit, this will be an excellent opportunity for us to introduce ourselves and let these cooperatives know what they stand to gain by online voting. We hope to gain a better understanding of what needs these cooperatives have and how POLYAS can be of use. With memberships for these organizations sometimes exceeding one million members, there is no reason for them to be relying on antiquated postal or ballot box voting methods.

While not anticipated, in recent months we have discovered Canada to be one of the most receptive markets for online voting. Therefore, having boots on the ground will be a great way to meet our clients firsthand.

Canada is only the start

That being said, this summit is not limited to Canadian cooperatives. Countries from Nepal to Argentina will have representatives present. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to learn about coops the world over and discover what they are looking for. Who knows, maybe there is an untapped Papua New Guinean cooperative community that are in dire need of our services.

Our goal is to come home with a better understanding of cooperatives’ needs, a wide array of new contacts, and a plan for future internalization. If you want to get to know us, but you can’t be in Canada in these days, just click here.