For ten years now, international experts on electronic voting have been holding an annual meeting in Bregenz on Lake Constance. Their conference, the EVOTE, now numbers among the most renowned congresses on the subject and contains a multitude of scientific presentations and exciting practical reports from the field of digital election procedures.

Represented this year were experts from Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ecuador, Greece, India, Israel, Canada, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the USA. Among them were scientists from Princeton, Cambridge, Harvard, the IT University of Copenhagen and the TU Darmstadt.

POLYAS-Gründer Kai Reinhard spricht auf der E-Vote 2014

POLYAS founder Kai Reinhard speaks at the E-Vote 2014

This primarily concerned questions of security and acceptance: Security in the ballot process, verifiable election results, social acceptance. To this end Kai Reinhard, CEO of Micromata and intellectual father of the voting software POLYAS, moderated a discussion group on the topic of “open source and online voting” thereby allowing for the discussion of the benefits of open-source technology for the overall security of online elections with great resonance.

The Best Paper Award of the EVOTE 2014 went to the report by Julia Pomares, Ines Levin, R. Michael Alvarez, Guillermo Lopez Mirau and Teresa Ovejero, who researched the experiences from the first electronic election in the Argentinian city of Salta. POLYAS funded Julia Pomares’ trip.

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