Online Employee Engagement Surveys

Measuring the level of employee engagement within an organization should be standard practice according to many business experts. In the past, conducting employee engagement surveys was a costly and time consuming enterprise. The days of digitalization are upon us and so are online employee engagement surveys.

The move to online employee engagement surveys brings with it three main benefits:

1. Higher standards of employee data protection

Preserving the anonymity of respondents is fundamental to collecting honest, and therefore useful, employee engagement survey results. Conducting your employee engagement survey online allows you to take advantage of intelligent encryption methods to protect your employees’ data. Such security measures allow you to see who has taken part in the survey without being able to link responses back to individual participants.

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2. Boost the response-rate with online employee engagement surveys

Imagine going to all the trouble of creating and printing mountains of paper surveys only to find out that only a few employees have participated. What a waste! By shifting to online employee engagement surveys you’re offering your employees an easy and convenient way to participate. Additionally, businesses have been trending towards being both global and digital. What better way to include your international colleagues than through the online employee engagement surveys?

3. Efficiently organize and carry out surveys

Traditional paper surveys involve significant expenditures in terms of time and money. You need to print all the surveys, distribute them to employees by mail and then process the results. Going online means you can avoid most of the time and effort involved in this unwieldy process. Online surveys, of course, don’t need to be printed and can be distributed by email or through your organization’s intranet. Moreover, the survey results can be accessed in PDF format at the click of a button. All of this allows you to carry out the survey and evaluate the results quickly so you can get on with making positive changes in your organization.

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