Protect the environment with Polyas

You can do a lot to protect the environment: turn off the electricity when it isn’t needed, use your car less often, do recycling and vote online. Online voting not only saves time and money, it also decreases CO2emissions. A healthy environment is the key for a good life on earth. For years, humans have polluted the environment and this has left its marks on our planet, e.g. climate change and natural disasters. In order to ensure the longevity of future generations, it is necessary to start being active in the present. There are opportunities to protect the environment which seem unconventional – like online voting with POLYAS.

How can you save COby voting online?

The number of postal voters is ever increasing as more and more people take the opportunity to vote regardless of their location. However this kind of voting flexibility can be damaging to the environment. For approximately every 37,000 postal votes, 138.24 grams of CO2 is produced. The cause of which is mainly the production, printing and mailing of election documents. However, in an online election, all of these manual steps are bypassed, which leads to a healthier carbon footprint. In a comparable online election with 37,000 voters, only 5,87 grams of CO2 are released. This means that in comparison to a postal vote, online voting produces 96% less carbon dioxide. Thus, these figures highlight that printing and mailing the voting papers, as well as sending them back, pollute the environment. Online voting with POLYAS generates just 0.0002 grams of CO2 per voter. However, low carbon dioxide emissions isn’t the only benefit of online voting. Through digitally sending election documents, election invitations and voting information by email, far less waste is produced and the cost of holding an election is massively decreased.

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