Read what we are planning to do in 2017 and how we will improve digital democracy

2017 is around the corner and it’s going to be an exciting year for POLYAS and digital democracy. New projects, new technology and new locations are on the horizon. In 2017 we will continue with our successes from 2016.

A new product will be released

2016 has been notable for developments in the research and development department. One of the first fruits of our hard work that will play a major role in the upcoming year is the Live-Voting Tool.

Using this tool an institution enables all its members to vote on resolutions during their Annual General Meetings, even when they are absent.In this way the voter turnout increases and decision-making becomes more transparent.

Learn more about the Live-Voting Tool now.

New Areas open up

The Live-Voting tool will be used for the first time at the GEMA Annual General Meeting. According to a Guideline of the European Union the GEMA must hold a representative election online. And POLYAS will provide it.

Simultaneous to the online voting, GEMA’s members can participate at the AGM and vote live with their own devices. But this is just the beginning. We are in contact with copyright institutions all over Europe. Furthermore, our tools are becoming more and more interesting for political parties too.

POLYAS goes international

2017 will be marked by internationalization. Not only are copyright institutions in Europe interested, requests to conduct elections online with POLYAS are also coming from associations, companies and cooperatives from all over the world.

Thus new locations will open up so that customers can be supported on site. We are planning offices in Italy and Canada, from which the POLYAS staff can work on improving the conditions for digital democracy.

Changes are happening in Germany too. As we expand and our staff grows, we will move to a larger office in Berlin. In 2017 we are expecting that the number of our employees will continue to increase, and not only in Germany. 

POLYAS NG is on its way

But the biggest change is not the change of our location, but a system update that will be released in 2017: POLYAS Next Generation. The central component of POLYAS NG is having individual voter while ensuring the secrecy of the ballot.

Learn more about the Research at POLYAS.

2017 will be full of excitement and we at POLYAS are looking forward to new and upcoming challenges. This will be our year.