Review 2017

The year comes to an end and POLYAS looks back on a successful and exciting 2017. We introduced new features, found new customer groups and offered fully serviced elections. Read more in our year review. Continue reading

Online Election Security

Digital national elections and E-voting is the future despite recent negative press surrounding the German national elections. Read about how half measures are endangering democracy and the impact of online voting.

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Online voting in Canada: Digital Democracy

Whilst not yet in use at the federal election level, online voting in Canada has been in operation in certain elections for over a decade. In this blog post we take a look at the current online voting landscape in Canada and the likely future trend. Continue reading

Online Election Security

The controversy surrounding alleged Russian interference in the recent US presidential election has brought security in elections to the fore. In previous blogs on the topic, we’ve looked at some of the theory and practice of foreign intervention in elections. This week we turn our attention to online election security in our fourth and final post in this series. Continue reading

Digital Participation

In the previous installments of this series, we have covered some of the different forms of digital participation. Today we will be assessing the overall benefits and drawbacks of participating in a digital world.  Continue reading

More and more municipalities count on digital communication services to involve the public. Hence, many municipalities have already created or plan to establish online participation and consultation platforms. However, can these measures help increase public participation? More transparency = more public participation The internet offers various possibilities to take part in different debates and discussions […]

In the second part of our series on digital democracy, we are looking at liquid democracy. Liquid democracy is a fascinating modern take on participation and the form democracy could take in the future. Read on for a short introduction. Liquid Democracy – What is it & How It Works  Liquid democracy is in essence a mix […]

Digital Democracy

In 2015 the speaker’s commission published a report “Open Up!” recommending a series of changes and policy recommendations to keep parliament up to date in today’s digital world. Some of the changes were radical, some were less so and most of them made sense. The report gives us a fantastic starting point from where we can explore Digital Democracy further in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Read what we are planning to do in 2017 and how we will improve digital democracy

2017 is around the corner and it’s going to be an exciting year for POLYAS and digital democracy. New projects, new technology and new locations are on the horizon. In 2017 we will continue with our successes from 2016. Continue reading

Donald Trump and his Twitter Account

Politics and elections campaigns are unimaginable without social networks. Yet Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States, has made Twitter into a political issue. He opts for a strategy which is completely different from his predecessors and lacks any clear vision.

His tweets shocks opponents and make his supporters cheer. How does it look on probably most the famous Twitter account in the world?  Continue reading

non-voters: part of democracy

Many studies have attempted to find out who the non-voters are and what motivates them. All this information is gathered in order to find a solution to increase voter turnout. Continue reading

We are still in the very beginnings of the Internet. Let’s use it wisely.


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