I’m tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn’t work. Of course it doesn’t work. We are supposed to work it.


Alexander Woollcott (1887-1943), US-American journalist and autho
Protect the environment with Polyas

You can do a lot to protect the environment: turn off the electricity when it isn’t needed, use your car less often, do recycling and vote online. Online voting not only saves time and money, it also decreases CO2emissions. Continue reading

The debate about data retention has made many people aware of the topic of IT security. The call for laws surrounding digital sovereignty grows. Continue reading

Digital News

We have the chance to turn the trademark “Made in Germany” into a synonym for responsible and high quality technology which stands the test of time – in contrast to the internet giants.
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Political Dialogue goes digital: Pros & Cons

Digitalisation and Social Networks have brought forth completely new forms of communication and information. Continue reading

By Olly Tozer 

The British Labour Party has just elected the socialist Jeremy Corbyn to be their new leader Continue reading

A day for democracy! The United Nations created the International Day of Democracy in 2007. Each year on 15th September we look at the state of democracy around the world.

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Today, the 12th of August, is “International Youth Day”. This growing generation has been given many names – from “Generation Y” and “Digital Natives” to “Generation Maybe”. Naturally all of these labels are mere approximations in the attempt to figure out a generation raised under entirely different political and media environments than those generations before it. Youth participation in elections throughout Europe has reached a historic low – a disconcerting trend. On this occasion we are shedding some more light on the youth’s relationship to democracy and elections.

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In our article on association charters we provided you with fundamental insight into the content that an association charter must, should and may contain. The charter dictates association life in the form of a constitution and is thus closely tied with the goals, work methods and decision-making regulations of an association. Throughout several years of […]

“Unity is strength” goes the adage, which is why a group of people will often form a union to achieve a common goal. And with a formal union, club or society come democratic procedures, elections and ballots. But a union, or association, also needs rules. Continue reading

Along with the legally stipulated election of equal opportunities, officers in federal, and state offices, elections for equal opportunity officers are also regularly held in corporate bodies under public law, universities and other institutions and companies. These elections can only be secure, legally binding, cost-efficient and comfortable when held online. Continue reading