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During both the US Presidential Election and the Brexit referendum, social media analysis and classic opinion polls had significantly different forecasts regarding the outcome of these votes. As the results were published, the mistakes that traditional forecasts had made became a large point of discussion. This week we are taking a quick look at the development and impact that social media has had on electoral research. Continue reading

Read more about successful election management in associations

Many see the advent of social media as a boost for democracy. Information is now shared through cyberspace unfettered by government or media censorship, allowing people to participate freely in democratic discourse. However, when exit polls and twitter mix it can have negative consequences for democracy. Here’s why. Continue reading

Donald Trump and his Twitter Account

Politics and elections campaigns are unimaginable without social networks. Yet Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States, has made Twitter into a political issue. He opts for a strategy which is completely different from his predecessors and lacks any clear vision.

His tweets shocks opponents and make his supporters cheer. How does it look on probably most the famous Twitter account in the world?  Continue reading

Political Dialogue goes digital: Pros & Cons

Digitalisation and Social Networks have brought forth completely new forms of communication and information. Continue reading