election checklist for your professional association_

Using a Checklist for your next election can save you a lot of stress: planning an election can be a challenge, from ensuring that you are staying within your bylaws to creating ballot papers, there are many tasks that need to be done correctly. Below you can learn how to plan your election efficiently and how to create paper ballots.  Continue reading

How live voting with Polyas works

For a few months now, POLYAS customers have had the option of using our live voting platform. It enables institutions to vote seamlessly and quickly at their AGM. This kind of voting procedure can benefit many different organizations. But how exactly does live voting work? Continue reading

Digital News

Our CEO Ralf Müller gave a speech at the Bitkom Academy in Frankfurt am Main about how Blockchain can help with the verification processes of online voting. We have compiled some of the most important and interesting aspects of using Blockchain technology to help improve online voting systems.
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The term “online voting” is often confused with “electronic voting”. Electronic voting is namely the use of voting machines whereas online voting is using the internet at your convenience to vote. Online voting needs to break away from under the shadow of voting machines and highlight its potential. Indeed, online and electronic voting have nothing to do with one another.

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Blockchain and online voting a safe combination

asked… I talked to Mr. Tomasz Truderung, the Head of the POLYAS research team about the use of blockchain and how the system could help to make online voting even more secure.

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