What are professional associations

Jobs often make up a large part of one’s identity, you spend so much time with co-workers and fellow professionals it makes sense to band together to try and advance the field in which you work. In this latest blog series, we are taking a look at Professional Associations as democratic institutions and their impact.  Continue reading

learn more about efficient election management

Election management can be a demanding task. It is both important and time-consuming to organize a board of directors and/or a delegate election. It possible that mistakes happen which diminish confidence in your systems, damaging your reputation as well as future turnout. We have some helpful tips to support the management of your election. 1. […]

Association Board of directors elections

Associations are established by people who share a common interest. They solely exist to serve their membership. In order to have a smoothly running association, the members elect a board of directors to lead the association on their behalf.

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Read more about successful election management in associations

Associations are member organizations which operate under a joint purpose. They focus their work on benefiting their members. The structure of associations tends to be similar with only slight differences between the various types of associations.  Continue reading

In our article on association charters we provided you with fundamental insight into the content that an association charter must, should and may contain. The charter dictates association life in the form of a constitution and is thus closely tied with the goals, work methods and decision-making regulations of an association. Throughout several years of […]

“Unity is strength” goes the adage, which is why a group of people will often form a union to achieve a common goal. And with a formal union, club or society come democratic procedures, elections and ballots. But a union, or association, also needs rules. Continue reading