Increasing Voter Turnout

In the second part of our series on increasing your election turnout, we are taking a look at the more human aspects of turnout. Read on to learn how to gain valuable insight into the minds of your voters and fostering higher turnouts for your elections.  Continue reading

Essentials about credit union elections

In the first blog of our new series about credit unions, we take a look at their key features and how they contribute to the financial services market.

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non-voters: part of democracy

Many studies have attempted to find out who the non-voters are and what motivates them. All this information is gathered in order to find a solution to increase voter turnout. Continue reading

Addressing key voters effectively will help to increase your election turnout. An electoral committee – e.g. for elections in an association or a board – is quickly faced with the demand of motivating the authorised voters to cast their votes. To do so requires, first and foremost, the argument as to why the election is important. This argument can be based on necessity and campaign promises, or opportunities to help create something. Continue reading