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Election management can be a demanding task. It is both important and time-consuming to organize a board of directors and/or a delegate election. It possible that mistakes happen which diminish confidence in your systems, damaging your reputation as well as future turnout. We have some helpful tips to support the management of your election. 1. […]

Essentials about credit union elections

All credit union elections need to be carefully planned and organized. This is often a demanding task where mistakes can easily be made, leading to members losing trust in the credit union. Have a look at the practical tips we’ve put together for your election organization and make your next election a smooth-running one. Continue reading

Encourage Candidates for your next board election

Having difficulties finding candidates to stand for your elections? Sadly, this is a common problem in many cooperatives and associations. Here we walk you through some useful tips that will help to encourage candidates to gather their signatures and apply for elections.   Continue reading

Winning Candidates in Cooperatives' Election organization

Election organization can be a daunting task. It is both an important and time-consuming task to organize a board of directors and/or a delegate election. Mistakes can easily be made and diminish confidence in your cooperative’s ability to conduct elections, damaging your reputation as well as your future turnout. In order for your next elections to run smoothly, we have some practical tips for you to read that will help your election organization run smoothly. Continue reading

The preparation for an election must be conducted as meticulously as the election itself. Errors, inaccurate information or missed deadlines – and already the entire process is invalid. The election regulation, election charter or association charter provide the rough guideline for this.

Missing information for the authorised voters may lead to decreased voter participation, failure of the election because the minimum voter participation was not reached, invalid votes or – especially disastrous – a loss of trust in the election’s leadership and the board.

We are happy to provide you with information on fundamental election planning, because your election’s success is important to us. That is why we have already provided instructions on the electoral register, and emphasized how important it is that all contact information of the authorised voters is available. Today we will discuss your candidates. The voters must know exactly which person is up for election with which messages. Do not neglect to provide extensive information through suitable channels. There may be no misunderstandings of your board election due to faulty information – then the entire election will certainly collapse. That means: Start from the ground up! And that may cost a pretty penny.

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Addressing key voters effectively will help to increase your election turnout. An electoral committee – e.g. for elections in an association or a board – is quickly faced with the demand of motivating the authorised voters to cast their votes. To do so requires, first and foremost, the argument as to why the election is important. This argument can be based on necessity and campaign promises, or opportunities to help create something. Continue reading

Elections, such as board or association elections, must be planned properly so that they can be conducted smoothly. Every election is only as good as the election organiser, committee or board that prepared it. Knowing how is half the battle: That is why from here on out you will see us posting the blog series […]