Online Election Security

Digital national elections and E-voting is the future despite recent negative press surrounding the German national elections. Read about how half measures are endangering democracy and the impact of online voting.

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Online Voting Political Elections

Voter participation and political engagement make up the lifeblood of our democracies. A general lack of participation can call into question the very legitimacy of our leaders and the decisions they make. Throughout this blog series on voter participation, we’ve looked at lowering the voting age, mandatory voting, as well as voter education and registration as ways to encourage greater participation. In this final post, we look to another means befitting the digital era we live in – online voting in political elections. Continue reading

E-Democracy is a form of digital participation that’s popping up more regularly these days. As a buzzword it’s being thrown around in politics and on social media alike and has more than a few people rubbing their hands in anticipation. In the first part of our new series on the future of democracy in the digital world, we are looking at E-Democracy.
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