Professional Associations Candidates

Professional associations hold elections for various positions. From board members to representatives today we are going through all of the positions that professional associations need to hold elections for and how candidates are selected.  Continue reading

Election News

Northern Ireland elections took place yesterday for the second time in less than a year. Read more about the significance of the election, its results and the delicate power-sharing arrangement at the centre of politics in Northern Ireland. Continue reading

Read more about successful election management in associations

Many see the advent of social media as a boost for democracy. Information is now shared through cyberspace unfettered by government or media censorship, allowing people to participate freely in democratic discourse. However, when exit polls and twitter mix it can have negative consequences for democracy. Here’s why. Continue reading

Election News

Yesterday all eyes were on Brussels. The EU parliamentary president elections took place in the wake of the collapse of the Grand Coalition in 2016 and the previous president, Martin Schulz, stepping down. Read on for more information from our regular #election news blog. Continue reading